Meet Our Team

When it comes to your recruitment needs, experience matters. Our team consists of dedicated professionals who have on average over 10 years of recruitment and staffing experience.

Michelle Sullentrup, CEO

myDermRecruiter was introduced in 2014 by it’s CEO, Michelle Sullentrup. Michelle saw a specific need for both candidates and clients in the specialty of Dermatology, to partner with a recruitment firm 100% dedicated to their field of medicine. Michelle has grown myDermRecruiter to the #1 Dermatology Recruitment firm by training her staff to uphold the same standards of ethics, confidentiality and professionalism that she holds dear.

It absolutely matters that both parties are protected and advocated for throughout the process. When the placement is done and the contract is signed, it’s extremely important to us that all parties are really happy and excited to start working together.”


Your Recruitment Team


Dermatology Recruitment Specialist

Terry joined the myDermRecruiter team in 2014 as our first recruiter in addition to our CEO. She has over 10 years of clinical and dermatology management experience, and she knows first hand how to help clients tackle the job of recruitment. Clients appreciate her highly ethical and hard working personality.

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Dermatology Recruitment Specialist

Stephen joined our team in 2016 as a new recruiter. He has grown into a well-respected asset for both the team and our clients. He is outstanding at developing rapport quickly with both candidates and clients through his friendly, outgoing personality and excellent communication skills.

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Dermatology Recruitment Specialist

David joined our team in 2017. He is a veteran of the armed forces and previously served as a recruiting supervisor for the Air Force. He offers an outstanding work ethic to both clients and candidates, tirelessly working to ensure that each party’s individual recruitment goals are met in the process.

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Dermatology Recruitment Consultant

Kathleen joined the myDermRecruiter team in 2019. She has over 15 years experience in Healthcare. Most recently she served as an internal recruiter for a large, multi-state dermatology practice headquartered in Chicago. With a proven track record of physician recruitment/relations, we know that our clients and candidates will appreciate the level of expertise and results she can provide.

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Dermatology Recruitment Specialist

Zach joined the myDermRecruiter team in 2019 and has grown into a trusted recruiter by candidates and clients alike.  He specializes in helping candidates find their ideal position by serving as an expert consultant for them on dermatology opportunities across the country. 

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Dermatology Recruitment Specialist

Haleigh joined the myDermRecruiter team in 2021. She brings excellent recruitment experience to the organization along with a proven track record of high client satisfaction rates with matching candidates to their preferred destination. Her eagerness to go above and beyond for clients and candidates is a critical asset for our team. Haleigh is a Mizzou graduate with her Bachelors of Science in Hospitality and a minor in business.

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Director of Operations

Brent brings excellent operations experience to the organization as well as high energy and technology skills to further grow our business. Brent is a Mizzou graduate with his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on Finance.

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Administrative Assistant to CEO

Darian joined MyDermRecruiter in 2017 and serves as a valuable administrative assistant to our CEO and recruitment team. Her ability to organize and accomplish any project she is given has allowed the team to thrive and grow.


Social Media Manager

Jessica joined MyDermRecruiter in 2017 as the Social Media Manager for myDermRecruiter. Due to her excellent ability to manage, promote and scale our own social media presence, we are now able to offer the same caliber of services to our clients, including Social Media Management.

636.239.1787 Ext. 180


Content Creator

Samantha joined myDermRecruiter in 2021 as a Content Creator. She lends her passion for creating informative, engaging copy to the myDermRecruiter team in various capacities to further ensure professionalism, consistency and refined messaging on all fronts.


Administrative Assistant

Carly joined myDermRecruiter in 2021 as an Administrative Assistant, lending immense multifunctional support to our expanding company. Her creativity and strong organizational and time management skills have proved highly beneficial to our recruitment and administrative teams.


Recruitment Coordinator

Nicole joined myDermRecruiter in 2021 as a Recruitment Coordinator, responsible for assisting our Senior Recruiters in finding top talent for our clients. She is responsible for candidate sourcing, client onboarding, and more.

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Recruitment Coordinator

Aubree worked for myDermRecruiter previously as a Sales & Marketing Assistant. In 2021, she was promoted to a Recruitment Coordinator. Her role consists of sourcing top talent, managing client onboarding, and assisting our Senior Recruiters with all aspects of the recruitment process.

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