Three Mistakes Hiring Managers Make and How to Avoid Them

Jul 12, 2022 | For Employers

Hiring managers play a critical role in creating a healthy, collaborative clinic culture. To say they make big important decisions is an understatement—especially in dermatology, where the cost of not hiring the right candidate for your practice can be pretty steep. 

Having a robust recruitment strategy in place is essential. However, hiring managers and practice owners carrying out these strategies are human. And all humans have flaws and weaknesses that, without awareness, can drastically affect outcomes—even with the strongest protocols in place.

Here are three common ways we see hiring managers (often unknowingly) undermine the hiring process…

Attempting to “Fix” Red Flag-Candidates

A candidate presents numerous red flags. Maybe they are clearly unprepared for the interview and running late without seeming to care much. Or perhaps you notice a value conflict between them and your practice early in the hiring process. 

You hire them anyway, believing you can mold this candidate to fit your needs with a bit of time and guidance. Unfortunately, this rarely is the case.

As a hiring manager for a busy dermatology practice, you likely don’t have the time or resources to effectively coach a candidate to fit your needs. And even if you did, the candidate may not be open to the growth and changes you need them to make in order to be a good fit for your team. 

Hiring Only Positive, Highly Passionate Types

Hiring managers tend to pass on candidates with opinions or critiques of practice procedures. They prefer agreeable, enthusiastic, and highly positive candidates.

You certainly don’t want someone looking to rock the boat. But an analytical, attentive personality willing to speak up and offer suggestions for change (within reason) can provide extraordinary growth potential for your team and practice. 

Taking a Laid-Back Leadership Style

It’s no secret that many providers seek autonomy in the workplace these days. However, boasting a laid-back management style to attract candidates wary of working for a micromanager is a strategy that can backfire. 

Some candidates may interpret this as a leader that doesn’t care. They could fear they will have to fend for themselves if a conflict arises among colleagues. Often the candidates attracted to this type of environment are power-seekers rather than team-oriented candidates.  

There are many other ways we’ve seen hiring managers and practice owners sabotage the hiring process. To combat this problem, we strongly recommend taking a team approach to recruiting and hiring dermatology providers—especially when your primary goals are to attract top talent and long-term placements in a highly competitive market. 

At myDermRecruiter, we’ve spent years perfecting our candidate screening process that allows us to pinpoint professional, high-quality providers. Our recruiters are experts in identifying candidates that match a practice’s culture and mission. And we present our clients with only those candidates that have met these high standards—saving them time, money, and frustration. 

When you partner with myDermRecruiter for your practice’s dermatology recruitment needs, you don’t just receive recruitment services. We are experienced, trusted dermatology consultants ready to help your practice succeed across many areas of business. 

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