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May 31, 2022 | For Employers

Selling a dermatology practice is no small task. There will be numerous decisions to make depending on your reasons for selling and whether you’d like to continue providing care at this practice after the sale.

Selling a dermatology practice is no small task. There will be numerous decisions to make depending on your reasons for selling and whether you’d like to continue providing care at this practice after the sale.

At myDermRecruiter, we understand the gravity of these decisions. We’ve spent years building trusting relationships with dermatology practices like yours—bringing talented providers to their doors. And we’ve helped numerous practice owners and managers across the US navigate the challenges of selling, merging and acquiring practices. 

Our approach is unique because sellers who partner with us pay zero fees. You, as the seller, receive quality, results-driven and completely transparent support at zero cost! 

So if you’ve been thinking of selling your practice, here are a few points we hope you’ll consider…

  • Fewer Headaches for You. It’s quite common for practice owners to decide they no longer want the headaches and responsibility of practice management. Covering finances, people and insurance on top of providing patient care and being a skincare expert is a lot to handle. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to focus your time and talents on being the best dermatologist you can be—without all of that other stuff.
  • One Size Won’t Fit All. Selling your practice doesn’t automatically mean walking away entirely, although that is one option. Many of our buyers would love to have you continue to provide dermatological care (part or full-time!) for as long as you’d like. Numerous options are available when you decide it’s time to sell. 
  • Selecting the Best Buyer. You deserve top-dollar for the years of time and energy you’ve spent building your practice. And that’s what you’ll get when multiple buyers are given the opportunity to make you an offer. Plus, when selling a practice, you must understand the buyer’s clinic culture and transition plan, especially if you intend to continue providing care under a new owner. 
  • Industry Expertise at Your Service. Top leaders in dermatology have been partnering with myDermRecruiter since 2014. Our services are an invaluable asset to dermatology providers and practice managers. And in that time, we’ve solidified our position as the top dermatology recruitment firm in the nation. 

We hope you’ll consider these surface-level points if you’re thinking of selling your dermatology practice. We could spend hours going in-depth on each of these topics. And we certainly will as your trusted partner in this venture. 

So now that you’re ready to get started, here’s what you can expect…

Step One: Confidential Conversation. 

We’ll begin with a confidential conversation to discuss your specific motivations, goals and expectations. This upfront conversation helps to ensure the buyers we match you with are an excellent fit practically, culturally and financially.

You’ll need to be ready to discuss your practice’s financials, including revenue, equipment, real estate and staff. All information is kept confidential until you choose to share it with a buyer.  

Step Two: Present You with Qualified Buyers. 

Based on your situational needs and preferences, we will review various buyers from within our national network to determine which would be an ideal fit for you. We will introduce you to buyers who we think could be an excellent fit. When you’re ready, we’ll arrange the confidential meetings for you. 

Step Three: Continual Support. 

Lastly, we’ll continue to support communication throughout the review and offer process, serving as a confidential information manager. As your advocate throughout this process, we’ll ensure you get the data you need to make an informed decision. 

Ultimately, our goal is to create a seamless process and sale for all parties involved. And we promise to work tirelessly to make that happen. 

If you are ready to discuss a partnership with myDermRecruiter, send a quick email to our VP of Operations,

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Brent Bargen
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