Women in Dermatology—Then and Now

Mar 8, 2022 | For Candidates, For Employers, Uncategorized

The field of dermatology is relatively small in comparison to other medical professions. However, it is one area of healthcare where women are making a significant impact in numerous ways.

As a 100% woman-owned business, myDermRecruiter is in full support of empowering women to use their unique knowledge, skills and perspectives to create positive changes that benefit both patients and practitioners.

Women Leading the Way

To say that the field of dermatology has grown over the past 50 years is an understatement. In 1970, MDedge stated that there were roughly 4,000 practicing dermatologists in the US. At that time, less than 7% of those were women.

Today, the US has more than 12,000 physicians in the field, and 49.9% are women. Which is quite impressive when you consider that females make up only about one-third of all physicians in the United States!

So what has contributed to dermatology’s minimal gender gap? Here are a few ideas to consider.

Women Supporting Women

Women have played an essential role in shaping dermatology despite the many challenges they face in balancing career and family. To support women dermatologists, Wilma Fowler Bergfeld, MD, FACP and Miriam Reed, MD (with encouragement from Walter Shelly, MD) created the Women’s Dermatologic Society in 1973.

At the time, Shelly noticed that very few female dermatologists were presenting at American Academy of Dermatology meetings. He encouraged Bergfeld and Reed to discuss the matter, and from there, the Women’s Dermatologic Society was born.

Their goal was to help women dermatologists reach their full potential as physicians, educators, speakers, community leaders and more. Today, the organization continues to enhance women’s personal and professional development through mentorships, events and volunteer programs.

Holistic in Nature

Another reason to consider why women are thriving in this field lies in the specialty’s holistic nature. The health of a person’s skin can tell you so much about their internal health and wellbeing.

Women are drawn to holistic healing modalities that prioritize total body wellness. Dermatology has extensive cross-over into many other areas of health, including diet, mental and emotional health and more, making it an excellent specialty for women to explore and thrive in.

Women are also drawn to sub-specialties like pediatric dermatology, where they can make a difference in the lives of children and youth.

Stronger Together

With supportive, inclusive communities and a natural inclination toward high-quality patient care, women are making great strides to advance the field of dermatology.

Through our work as expert dermatology recruiters, we’ve seen the benefits of working together to strengthen the field as a whole.

When practices thrive, dermatology professionals are more satisfied in their careers. And when professionals love what they do and where they work, practices are more successful, too.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

Whether you are looking for a dermatology position that fits all of your wants and needs, or you represent a practice that seeks support in hiring the best candidates for the job, myDermRecruiter is here for you. Contact us today to get started!

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