5 Reasons Not to Choose a Retained Search for Your Practice’s Recruitment Needs

Mar 8, 2022 | For Employers

When you decide to partner with a recruitment agency for your dermatology practice’s hiring needs, you must determine whether you’ll work with a contingency recruitment firm or opt for a retained search approach.

Here’s the difference…

A contingency recruitment firm receives payment for its services only when a successful placement has been made. On the other hand, a retained search requires a retainer fee upfront for services—no matter whether a placement happens or not.

At myDermRecruiter, we believe the contingency model has helped create long-term, trusting partnerships with our clients. There’s no risk to practices to utilize our services, and it requires us to prove our worth, which we thoroughly enjoy getting the opportunity to do. 

However, if you’re still not convinced to opt for a contingency recruitment model, here are five reasons you may want to consider straying away from the retained search approach…

Upfront Fees.

We’ve already mentioned this one, but it is big, so we’ll throw it in again. Paying upfront for anything these days is risky. But it becomes even more of a gamble when you’re talking about hefty fees that you may not see much of an ROI on for some time.

Higher Costs.

Not only do you have to pay upfront with retained searches, but you’ll typically also pay 10-15% more than you would to work with a contingency firm.

Paying for Non-Guaranteed Results.

Whether you receive a phenomenal candidate or not, you pay for the recruitment service with a retained search. If the recruitment efforts come up dry and you’re no closer to filling the position from when you started, you still pay for their services. 

Risky Contracts.

Locking your practice into a long-term contract without guaranteed results is never a good idea. Why would you want to commit to paying for a service that may or may not work for your practice in the long run? 

Low Accountability.

Accountability is difficult to measure when it comes to retained search models. That’s because a retained search recruiter knows they’ll be compensated regardless of how much effort they put in. But when the payment for a recruiter’s time, effort and skill depends on making a successful payment, you don’t have to worry about holding your recruiter accountable. 

There’s certainly a time and place for retained search models. However, when it comes to the small, competitive world of dermatology, you can’t rely on contracts that lead to no guarantees and non-incentivized recruiters to provide you with the very best candidates. 

A Better Recruitment Option…

myDermRecruiter is the nation’s top dermatology recruitment firm that just so happens to take a contingency approach. That’s because we believe asking clients to entertain long-term, no-guarantee contracts with hefty retainer fees is asking way too much from you. 

Instead, we let our highly personalized approach and dedication to providing immense value and support speak for itself. We nurture our client relationships because we don’t simply strive to make a placement and move on. Our greatest hope is that our clients will turn to us for advice for years to come.

If that’s the type of recruitment relationship that you, too, would like to cultivate, then we want to work with you. Contact us today to get started! 

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