Social Media Etiquette for Dermatology Professionals and Career Seekers

Aug 31, 2021 | For Candidates, For Employers

Social media is and probably always will be a topic of conversation in professional circles. It can be a powerful tool for sharing your passion for Dermatology and establishing yourself as an expert in the field. Yet, your social media accounts could also hinder your reputation as a Dermatology professional and lead to disastrous consequences if you aren’t mindful of how you are representing yourself online.

If you haven’t considered how your social media accounts could impact your next job search, we’re here to tell you that it could make or break your chances of receiving an offer from a practice you would love to become a part of. 

Trust us—we’ve seen it happen more often than you think, and it’s heartbreaking! 

But, does this mean you shouldn’t use social media at all? No, you don’t have to ward off the use of social media altogether just because you’re a professional with credibility to uphold. 

You just need to be careful what you post and keep on your profiles. The following tips will help you take a proactive, professional approach to social media. 

Scrub Your Profiles

Most of us aren’t new to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You’ve probably been actively using these platforms on and off for years, which means past versions of yourself are still viewable online. 

Although it might be entertaining to look back and see what you were posting ten years ago, hiring managers won’t find distasteful comments cute or funny—they will find them distasteful. Period. 

So clean up your social media profiles by deleting old posts, pictures and comments. What should you be looking out for when scrubbing your profiles? Here are a few ideas: 

  • Profanity
  • Political content
  • Religious content
  • Oversharing of personal information
  • Posts that could be deemed “risky” or “reckless” 
  • Mean-spirited posts toward anyone (especially past employers)

Depending on how often you post, you might need to go pretty far back through your profile, which will take time. But if you think of it in terms of obtaining or failing to obtain your ideal position, then this task is well worth your time. 

Manage Your Privacy Settings

There is another option if you don’t want to delete your social media content. Instead, lock your profile privacy settings to allow only close friends and family to see your social media activity. 

In this article, you’ll find instructions on managing various platform’s privacy settings to secure your content. If 

Dermatology Career Advice You Can Trust

Whether you are planning to make a career move in the foreseeable future or not, we encourage you to take some time to check up on your online presence as a Dermatology professional. 

It’s up to you whether you use social media to elevate your credibility in the field or simply share your personal life with close friends and relatives. Either way, by taking these steps to secure your privacy, you can be confident that your social media activity positively lends itself to the professionalism and ethical standards of your specialty. 

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