How to Build a Social Media Presence for Dermatologists

Mar 16, 2021 | For Employers

Social media is ripe with possibilities for dermatologists looking to grow their careers and practices. From offering skincare advice to highlighting your expertise and services, there are many ways to benefit from building and maintaining an engaging social media presence.  

However, managing a practice’s social media accounts is time-consuming. You’ll need to create content, upload images, schedule posts, follow up with comments and stay updated on platform changes and social media marketing practices.

There’s a lot to know. 

But the social media experts at myDermRecruiter can help you get started on the right track. Let’s take a look at some social media management basics! 

Social Media Basics for Dermatology Professionals

It’s no longer an option for businesses to join the online conversation—it’s a must! There are so many reasons for dermatologists to take social media seriously. 

A thriving social media presence can: 

  • Attract patients and customers to your practice.
  • Build trust and credibility in your brand and services. 
  • Spark interest from talented dermatology professionals seeking employment. 
  • Improve SEO to make it easier for patients to find you in online searches. 
  • Encourage networking with other professionals around the world.
  • Help you book speaking engagements, conferences and other opportunities.

Now that you understand why social media is essential for dermatologists, let’s talk about where, when and how to start building your unique online presence. 

Which Platforms are Best for Dermatology Professionals?

The four leading platforms that we’ve found to be most effective in helping our clients grow their social media presence are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok. 

At myDermRecruiter, we’ve had great success working with clients to build a robust presence on these platforms. Learn more in this case study.

Prioritize Quality and Consistency

Quality and consistency are crucial when it comes to managing your practice’s social media accounts. Decide how many posts per day or week you want to make. Then create a content calendar with genuinely helpful posts for your patients and colleagues at least a month in advance to ensure you can stay consistent in posting. 

What Dermatologists Should and Shouldn’t Post on Social Media?

Here are a few things to consider when writing social media posts for your practice. 

  • Educate your audience on new developments in the field.
  • Include city names and local hashtags to ensure you show up in local searches.
  • Use feeling words to connect with your audience on an emotional level. 
  • Encourage followers to check out blog posts and journal articles you’ve written. 
  • Promote influencer profiles and websites that your readers will find helpful.
  • Ask questions and create contests to increase engagement.
  • Share reviews and testimonials from current patients. 
  • Don’t make posts solely about the services and products you offer.
  • Avoid writing overly sales-driven posts. (Your followers will get tired of being sold to and block your posts.)
  • Don’t share the practice from across town’s blog posts to avoid losing clients to your competition.

Our best advice is to start small and build as you create a sustainable habit around posting consistently. Focus on one or two platforms at first to avoid getting burnt out. 

But what if you don’t have time to figure out social media? There is one more option…

Get Your Social Media Presence Right from the Start

Build a robust social media presence faster with help from myDermRecruiter’s social media experts! 

There are no long-term contracts and we offer customized pricing and strategies for each client based on size, location and goals. You won’t even need to explain your specialty because our social media managers are focused solely on the field of dermatology. 
To learn more about myDermRecruiter’s Social Media Management services, contact Jessica Dickens today at 636-239-1787 Ext. 180 or

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