I’m a Dermatology Resident. I know there are lots of jobs available, why should I work with a recruiter? Why not just apply on my own?

Mar 23, 2020 | For Candidates

We know that as a Dermatology Resident, your skills are highly sought after.  However, finding your IDEAL position may be a lot harder than you think.  Countless job boards, email advertisements, advice from mentors and google searches are enough to overwhelm anyone, let alone a busy resident in training.  

Because myDermRecruiter specializes 100% in Dermatology Recruitment Nationwide, we have the know how to match you to your perfect job unlike any other firm out there.  We have established long-term, valued relationships with our clients across the country, offering exclusive opportunities for you to compare against your specific job search criteria.  We won’t waste your time talking to you about positions that don’t meet your geographic location, practice type preference and compensation needs. 

Our team works hard to find YOUR perfect opportunity, in a practice that matches all of your needs and wants.  We will advocate for you throughout the entire job search, interview, and negotiation process.  You’re in charge.  We simply get you to your perfect position quicker and easier than you would on your own. 


We offer a consultative, one on one approach to your job search.  You have a dedicated recruiter who is an expert in dermatology job trends nationwide.  We are your advocate and representative, ensuring you are introduced only to practices that meet your strict criteria. 

We handle your search professionally and with confidentiality, while you continue your training.  We can help you avoid the pitfalls of spending time interviewing for opportunities that we already know based on our experience, may not be a true fit for your needs.  We can also get you directly in touch with hiring managers immediately for opportunities that are your ideal match.  No need to apply online, and wait to see if you get a call.  We can represent you nationwide and arrange your phone, web and in person interviews for you.  We can also exit you out of conversations that you are not interested in pursuing in a professional manner, keeping your reputation in the small community of dermatology stellar. 

We can also provide you regional and national data on compensation packages and contracts to help you make the best career decisions for you and your family. 

And the best part is, our services are absolutely FREE to you as a Dermatology Resident. 

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