Discussing Salary in an Interview

Jan 17, 2020 | For Candidates, Uncategorized

When it’s time to make a career move, salary is definitely a factor. However, it’s challenging to know when and how to discuss money during your job search. Discover how to approach the subject of compensation appropriately before your next interview.

How to Talk Salary in an Interview

At myDermRecruiter, we believe that with the right planning and preparation, you can professionally approach the subject of salary and benefits with ease. Use these tips to get a clearer idea of when and how to discuss money in your next interview.

Should You Mention Salary in the First Interview?

Before discussing salary during the initial interview, you must establish yourself as a good fit for the position. Although compensation is an essential topic for both you and the practice manager, jumping into an interview with questions about pay gives the impression that money is your primary focus.

During the initial interview, take the time to get to know the practice and let them get to know you. Describe your strengths, make connections, and define your goals. Make it known that you are interested in finding a real home in dermatology first. Don’t ask about compensation plans until you’ve established your passion for skincare and patient wellbeing. Money is obviously a motivating factor, but it shouldn’t be the only factor or something you lead with during a first interview.  

If you are working with one of the experienced dermatology recruiters at myDermRecruiter, you will already know at least the range of salary the practice is willing to offer.  You should have an idea upfront if it is in the range you feel is acceptable and competitive for the area. Your recruiter can also provide you with regional and national statistics regarding specific salary ranges, productivity-based bonus programs and benefits to compare any offer you receive to what is competitive.  

The Main Impression

Describing your desire to obtain both financial stability and career satisfaction during an interview is a challenge, but needs to be addressed. The good news is that the hiring managers that genuinely care about their employee’s happiness and the success of their business will work to ensure you receive fair compensation.

And because myDermRecruiter has spent years building honest, transparent relationships with practices across the nation, we can choose who we work with and who we don’t. And we simply won’t work with practices that don’t treat their dermatology professionals well and offer them a competitive compensation package.

Contact myDermRecruiter today to find out how our expert dermatology recruiters can help you find a career that puts you on a path to reaching your goals while receiving the compensation you deserve!

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