The Cost of Not Hiring the Right Candidate (and What to Do About It)

Dec 27, 2019 | For Employers

There’s simply no way around it—bad hires are costly. Your practice and employees suffer in more ways than one when you ask the wrong dermatology professional to join your team. Discover how damaging it is to hire the wrong person and what you can do to improve your chances of choosing wisely.

Cost of Hiring the Wrong Candidate

The cost of making a bad hire ranges in severity based on many different factors. However, in general, the US Department of Labor suggests that choosing the wrong candidate can end up costing employers up to 30% of that hire’s first year of earnings. 

The current average annual income of a dermatologist in the St. Louis area is about $337,500. Based on this estimate, making a poor hiring decision for a dermatologist in the St. Louis area could cost your practice more than $100,000! 

On top of that, hiring a candidate that is ill-equipped for the job can lead to:

  • A loss of productivity
  • A need for additional supervision
  • Lost revenue/patients 
  • Top-performer burnout 

So not only do you have to worry about the financial cost of choosing the wrong candidate, but also the cost of having to supply added supervision and pushing your top-performers to overextend their talents—and risk them becoming overwhelmed as a result. 

#1 Reason for Hiring the Wrong Person

As the nation’s #1 dermatology recruitment firm in the country, myDermRecruiter knows how vital it is to hire and retain top-performing professionals for the future success of your practice. However, that’s easier said than done. Promising candidates who have outstanding resumes and complete successful interviews can quickly turn into regrets when they don’t measure up to what you were expecting. 

Over the years, we’ve found that the primary reason for making a poor hiring choice stems from practices failing to look for the right cultural fit for their office’s unique environment. 

Hiring a candidate that flows smoothly into the established culture and work environment that you’ve worked hard to create will ensure you add an ideal candidate to your team. A cultural fit is the first component myDermRecruiter experts consider when screening dermatology candidates for a position. We believe the cultural fit of a candidate is what makes or breaks a successful career placement. 

Making the Right Hire Matters

When it comes to making the right hire for your dermatology practice, 

don’t rush through the hiring process and don’t settle for a mediocre candidate because you’ve run out of options. We know the right candidate is out there—no matter if your practice is in an up-and-coming suburban area or a more rural location. 

We also know that making the right hiring decision, as opposed to making a quick one, makes a big difference. That’s where myDermRecruiter comes in! Take the guesswork out of the hiring process and get real results. Instead of worrying about making a poor decision that’ll cost you in the future, you could see a return of 2500% on your investment in as little as one year when partnering with myDermRecruiter. 

Our knowledgeable recruiters are experts in screening candidates in your specialty. We’ve spent years forming trusting relationships with dermatology professionals all across the nation. And our masterfully-built database of professionals allows us to reach candidates personally—ensuring your opportunity is seen and heard about by prospects both actively and passively conducting a job search.

Leave hiring regrets behind and contact us today to get started! Call 636-239-1787 now. 

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