Does My Dermatology Practice Need a Blog?

Dec 11, 2019 | For Candidates

Blogging is an excellent way to reach people in your area and all around the world while sharing your passion for skincare. Expanding your practice’s online presence and attracting new patients through active blogging will help you stand out among the competition and ultimately thrive as a business.

Discover how blogging can help your dermatology practice grow today! 

7 Reasons Your Dermatology Practice Needs a Blog

With so many blogs out there, you may not think you have anything new or different to add to the worldwide web. Why start a dermatology blog if there are already thousands of skincare experts creating content for their blogs today?

Well, we have a few thoughts on why your dermatology practice can still benefit from a blog, despite their abundance and availability to readers in our modern world. 

  1. A blog is a place to tell your unique story. 

Blogging provides the perfect platform to tell your practice’s story. A blog is an excellent tool for connecting and adding your own personal touch to your practice’s brand. Sharing a real-life experience or a story that a potential patient can relate to could be the difference between someone choosing your practice over a competitor! 

  1. A blog helps to prove your expertise in the field.

Starting a blog is a great way to use your specialized knowledge to establish yourself as a leading skincare expert and encourage patients to trust in your expertise. 

  1. A blog creates a valuable experience for patients. 

Think of consistently producing content for your dermatology blog as providing a free service. Your blog is a place to offer free advice to people on how to take better care of their skin, hair and nails. This valuable content will encourage people to see you as a genuinely compassionate and caring professional—even before they visit your office

  1. A blog can gather feedback from patients. 

Use your blog to gather feedback. Ask questions in your blog posts that will help you stay informed of skincare trends, as well as questions that solicit feedback and ideas on ways that you can improve services. 

  1. A blog can collect email addresses and build an online following. 

Email marketing is another way that dermatology providers can grow their businesses. An active blog will help you collect email addresses since readers can sign up to receive emails notifying them that you’ve posted new content. Having an email list of patients and people interested in what you have to say is invaluable when sharing who you are and what you do in the online world. 

  1. A blog increases the likelihood that a person would choose your practice over one without a blog.

Whether you realize it or not, your decision to purchase something for the first time or try a new service is more than likely influenced by whether or not a company had an updated website and blog. These critical tools have a huge impact on whether potential patients see you as a modern, updated dermatology practice or one that can’t keep up.

  1. A blog helps you stay competitive. 

According to this list of blog statistics updated for 2019, businesses that blog will have drastically more links to their website as well as more indexed pages—both of which improve your site authority and SEO. 

Whether you are hoping to attract new patients to your practice or entice skilled dermatology professionals to want to work for you, having a well-established site with a relevant blog will set you apart from your competitors, and maybe even prevent them from stealing your top talent!

The ways in which your dermatology practice can benefit from having a blog is never-ending. As technology continues to advance, having a blog that continually points readers back to your website and increases engagement will become even more important. 

Getting Started

There are many blogs and resources available today that will help you get started blogging. Some are free and very basic, while others will cost a pretty penny and walk with you as you learn the extensive process of how to set up a blog.

Unless you are tech-savvy, you probably don’t have time to learn how to set up a blog while running a dermatology practice. That’s where myDermRecruiter can help! 

Our clients can utilize our web design services that include blog integration, SEO and performance tracking and so much more today! Our professional web design specialists are ready to take your practice’s online presence to the next level with a new, customized website. Contact us today to learn more! 

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