Ghosting a Recruiter Is a Bad Idea (Candidates Should Do This Instead)

Dec 2, 2019 | For Candidates

“Ghosting” your recruiter or a hiring manager is never a good idea. Not returning calls or emails, failing to show up to interviews and dropping all communication suddenly wastes a great deal of time and energy that could be spent on candidates that need and want help finding a new position. Besides being impolite, ghosting creates a negative experience that could hurt your chances of being employed with a practice in the future, too. It’s best never to burn bridges. 

As the #1 dermatology recruitment firm in the nation, we work hard to put you in touch with top dermatology practices across the country. However, we also understand that you may find a position on your own and no longer need our help. Instead of ghosting us (or worse—ghosting a potential employer), politely inform recruiters and hiring managers that you are no longer interested in a position or receiving career support services.  We promise, we will understand. You have to make decisions that are best for you.  

Politely Informing Recruiters and Hiring Managers that You are No Longer Interested

As a dermatology professional, recruiters know that your time is valuable. We don’t want to waste your time and hope that you will value ours as well. Follow these steps to turn down a job offer or recruitment services professionally.

Be Appreciative

Showing gratitude for job search assistance, an invitation to interview with a potential practice or receiving a formal offer,  is essential. A recruiter spends hours getting to know you and your goals, then introducing you to their tight network of hiring managers.  A hiring manager also spends time reading over your resume, contacting your references and searching your social media profiles to help them determine if you would be a good match for their team. 

Expressing appreciation for a recruiter or hiring manager’s efforts demonstrates your professionalism, which they will remember in the future if you decide to apply with them again. 

Begin declining an offer by saying something similar to, “Thank you so much for the offer to join your team as a dermatology nurse practitioner. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to consider me for this position and answering so many of my questions about your practice.” 

Briefly Give Your Reasoning

You aren’t required to provide specifics , but letting a recruiter or hiring manager know you have accepted another position or are no longer interested in an opportunity in a professional manner is a good idea.  

Perhaps you explain that you’ve “decided now is not a good time for you or your family to make a career move.” If you are declining an offer from a potential employer because you are taking a position with a different practice, you could say, “I’ve decided to accept an offer that will provide me with additional opportunities to pursue my interests in surgical and cosmetic dermatology.” 

There is no need for a long, detailed excuse when declining a position or informing a recruiter that you are no longer interested in receiving their support throughout your job search. Keep your explanation brief, but polite so that these people would be happy to work with you again in the future.  

Stay Connected

Just because you aren’t interested in a position doesn’t mean you should cut ties entirely with practice managers and recruiters. Ask your recruiter if you can sign up for an email newsletter so that you can receive updates on job openings in the future. You could even ask if you can connect on social media platforms like LinkedIn so that if you are ever in need of their help in the future, you can easily reach out. 

Polite is Professional

It may not be easy to turn down a job offer or inform a recruiter that you no longer need their help. It can make you feel like you are letting someone down—and that’s never fun. However, “ghosting” a manager or recruiter leaves a poor impression and creates a negative experience for all involved.  

Put yourselves in their shoes.  Imagine going through the steps to set up meetings, making phone calls, and sending emails on behalf of a candidate only to be met by silence. As dermatology recruiters, we are here to help. But we would prefer you let us know that you aren’t interested in receiving our support rather than leaving us in limbo wondering if you received our messages. Or worse, we worry that something bad has happened to you!

So, next time you consider ghosting your recruiter or a potential employer, think again! Politely turning down a career opportunity or recruitment services with professionalism in mind will set you up for greater opportunities in the future. 

If you’d like to learn more about myDermRecruiter’s superior recruitment services solely dedicated to the field of dermatology, give us a call today at 636-239-1787. There is never a fee for job seekers, and one of our knowledgeable recruiters will reach out to you directly.  

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