Should You Text Candidates During The Hiring Process?

Nov 13, 2019 | For Employers

Communicating with candidates throughout the hiring process can be challenging for practice managers—especially when you are working to recruit talented dermatology professionals in a highly-competitive market. These candidates are likely to have a full-time job, as well as other practices actively vying for their attention. 

Discover how texting candidates can enhance the recruitment process and help you build a team of highly-skilled dermatology professionals today!

Benefits of Texting Candidates

You may be resistant to the idea of texting as a form of professional communication. But, set aside any negative connotations for a moment to consider these benefits.  

Contact Candidates Anywhere and Receive a Timely Response

Think about the dermatology professionals you want working for you. They are likely skilled candidates with prior experience in the field. This pool of professionals is expected to have a full-time job limiting their availability to respond to phone calls and emails from employers.

On the other hand, sending a text message to a candidate puts your request for an interview directly in front of them and makes it much easier for them to respond promptly. 

Personal Approach

Texting is an excellent way to add a personal touch that sets your practice apart from other firms. Texting a candidate to share preliminary information encourages them to positively view your practice as a supportive and welcoming environment, even before their interview. 

Text messages are great for: 

  • Confirming interview times and locations
  • Sharing directions to your location
  • Following up to let candidates know when to expect to hear from you
  • Thanking candidates for their time

Texting makes creating a favorable first impression easier than ever for practices. Candidates will be more at ease during an interview if they feel they can reach out to a hiring manager with questions and concerns.

Pitfalls of Texting Job Seekers

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to texting candidates, too. Luckily, there are also ways to avoid these pitfalls.

Errors and Miscommunications 

One of the biggest concerns that candidates and practice managers share regarding texting is the large room for mistakes to be made while texting. Although errors can be made using any method of communication, text messages can easily contain incorrect information, be sent to the wrong person, never be received by the candidate or even be misinterpreted.

After Hour Messages

Providing a personal cell phone number to candidates can result in your direct contact information ending up in the wrong hands. Plus, candidates that don’t get the position will also have access to you. Ideally, they would act professionally in hopes of applying with your practice in the future, but it is something to consider. 

Maintaining ethical practices as a hiring manager requires caution in a vastly-connected world. However, with a little planning, you can successfully utilize texting to secure highly sought-after dermatology professionals at your practice.

Developing a Strategy for Texting Candidates

Sending text messages to communicate with candidates should complement other forms of communication. Sit down with your hiring team and discuss how to implement a texting plan for recruits. 

Some questions to consider include: 

  • How do we set up an opt-in option for candidates that want to receive text messages?
  • Who would be in charge of texting candidates? Should a personal number be used or a specific work number?
  • Which candidates should receive texts—only candidates of high interest? All candidates?
  • How do we maintain professionalism when texting candidates?
  • How do we set boundaries regarding when to text and when to respond?

Designing a plan for how your practice can use texting to enhance its communication with talented professionals in dermatology will make it easier for you and your team to set yourself apart from other groups.

Innovating the Recruitment Process

New developments in technology influence how the world conducts business every day. As a practice manager, you must be able to adapt to the innovative ways technology enhances the recruiting process. Learn to utilize text messaging to grow a thriving dermatology practice today!

At myDermRecruiter, we are leaders in finding and creating innovative ways to deliver top-of-the-line dermatology candidates to practices all across the nation! 

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