How to Prevent the Competition from Stealing Your Top Dermatology Professionals

Oct 22, 2019 | For Employers

As a practice manager, you know the dermatology field is highly competitive. You work hard to get talented dermatology physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners through your door. But, locking in the long-term commitment of skilled professionals presents a unique challenge. 

Losing a valuable member of your staff is stressful and costly. Plus, the added pressure placed on you and the rest of your team to keep business flowing can be miserable. 

Luckily, there are ways to prevent the competition from swiping your top performers—further ensuring your practice’s success. It’s up to you as a provider to retain the talented pool of professionals working for you. These tips will help you do just that!

Analyze Individual Risks

First, put yourself in the shoes of your talented staff. Make a list of the top dermatology professionals employed with your practice—especially those that you suspect have other lucrative offers coming their way. While looking at your list, ask yourself these questions: 

  • For what reasons might these professionals leave my practice? 
  • What factors do these professionals find most motivating in their career and personal lives?
  • What triggers might encourage one of my teammates to seek new opportunities?
  • What can I do to keep these professionals motivated and increase engagement among teammates? 

Thinking through these questions will give you a new perspective and help you be proactive in retaining members of your talented team. This is a great way to improve company culture, too!

Mentor and Build Relationships

You have many responsibilities to keep patients and employees happy. Losing a highly-skilled dermatologist or excellent physician assistant familiar with how your office operates will only put more on your plate. 

This is why building honest, trusting relationships and offering sound advice to your talented employees is so important. Giving some of your valuable time to the dermatologists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants that make up your practices provides them with the opportunity to ask questions and share their opinions. 

Mentoring and building positive relationships with teammates that you want to keep around will motivate those employees to continually work hard while helping them feel supported in their roles.  

Practice Gratitude

Along the same lines of building healthy working relationships is showing gratitude for all that your team does to further your practice’s growth. Expressing thankfulness is a powerful way to encourage professionals to keep doing their incredible work day in and day out. 

Writing a ‘thank you’ note when a team member goes above and beyond expectations is a simple, but effective, way to share gratitude with your team. Plus, your top performers will appreciate that you are paying attention to their work ethic. 

Time to Discuss?

No one wants to have a frank discussion with an employee regarding their long-term intentions, but being upfront is sometimes the best option. 

Share your concerns that a treasured employee might be considering a move. If they are, simply ask what motivates their desires for a new career. Encourage them to be honest and use this as an opportunity to grow as a practice manager. Find out if there is anything you can do to improve their experience before they’ve committed to a new practice.

Partnering with an Expert Recruitment Firm Can Help

Uncontrollable factors can motivate excellent dermatology professional to make a career move, too. There may be challenges that arise that you simply aren’t able to solve. If your top MOHS surgeon is forced to move cross country to care for an aging parent or get closer to their grandparents for their kids sake, there’s not much you can do to compete with those factors. 

However, partnering with a recruitment firm dedicated to dermatology can help you find the top talent you are looking to acquire—if this situation arises. Because of our nationwide presence, myDermRecruiter has the resources to match your practice with excellent candidates. Our professional recruiters take the time to understand the unique culture and needs of your practice—which helps us find a candidate perfect for your open position. 

Let us take the guesswork out of hiring top-notch dermatology professionals and ensure the future of your practice. Contact us today or call 636-239-1787!

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