The Importance of Social Media for a Thriving Dermatology Practice

Oct 4, 2019 | For Employers

Over the course of the past decade, social media has drastically altered how people conduct business around the world. Whether it’s being utilized to educate patients or share information about products and services, social media is a powerful tool for dermatologists looking to grow their practices and establish themselves as reputable skincare experts.

According to this 2019 review published in Cancer Control, some 2.2 billion Facebook users and 336 million Twitter users are actively engaging with these platforms worldwide. Across the board, social media platforms in the US have acquired four times the number of users they had just ten years ago. 

What’s especially notable for dermatologists is that social media has become a popular place for users to share personal health information. This 2017 survey reports that 87% of study participants share health information directly in Facebook posts.

With the worldwide use of social media platforms expected to exceed three billion by 2021, it’s easy to see why your dermatology practice needs to actively participate in the conversations taking place on social media. 

Growing Your Practice with Help from Social Media 

As a busy dermatologist with a practice to run, perhaps you haven’t considered the many different ways that social media can benefit your practice. 

According to a Pew Research study, 64% of 50 to 64-years-olds were actively using social media in 2018. That’s a significant number of potential patients that your content strategy might be missing.

Additionally, many people use social media to share their health journeys. Whether it be about a child’s eczema treatments, a reduction in acne scars or skin cancer procedures, people are sharing their dermatology experiences. 

Having a strong social media presence makes engaging with both current and potential patients that much easier! 

Key Features of a Social Media Strategy that Get Results

You now know why your dermatology practice needs a social media plan to be established as a reputable source of quality skincare information. 

Now, you should begin devising your strategy to:  

  • Share skin care knowledge and the benefits of receiving specific services offered at your practice.
  • Encourage new patients to call your office and schedule an appointment.
  • Engage current patients with product details and information.
  • Create a consistent look and feel to promote your brand.
  • Encourage patients to share their positive experiences at your practice with their family and friends. 

Creating a social media strategy is about planning out exactly how you will represent yourself online. Your goal should be that, across the board, your brand is immediately identifiable by the values you wish to uphold and the professionalism of your practice.

All of this sounds relatively simple in theory. You can sit down and plan out what platforms you’d like to post to, what topics you’ll write about, and gather images to use.

Crafting an online presence takes consistency, flexibility and time. Creating a social media marketing plan and content strategy means you must learn the ins and outs of content marketing, copywriting, graphic design and more. 

But that’s not where your extensive experience lies.

myDermRecruiter is Here to Help

Did you know that myDermRecruiter has helped practices just like yours craft an outstanding social media strategy that ultimately increases their likes, followers and reviews? 

Not only can we assist you in finding the best candidates for your office, but we can now drive traffic right to your door with our Social Media Management Services. Our social media experts understand the trends in dermatology because your specialty is our focus.

This case study explains how we assisted one of our long-time clients in getting excellent social media results. With customized and consistent social posting, Facebook ads and email newsletters, our team helped this client see a 55% increase in their practice’s number of Facebook followers! 

We understand that not one size fits all when it comes to social media, which is why we offer customized pricing and strategies for each client based on your size, location and goals. 

If you’re ready to cross social media off your to-do list, contact Jessica Dickens today at 636-239-1787 ext. 180. We’d love to hear from you!

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