3 Tips for Successfully Partnering with a Recruitment Firm

Jun 12, 2019 | For Employers

First and foremost, work with a recruitment firm that truly understands the specialty of the physician or advanced practice provider you are looking for. This really makes a difference when it comes to the reach and candidate pool that the firm has immediate access to. If the firm you choose to work with for your practice’s open position has never (or very rarely) placed a physician in the specialty you are seeking, it’s likely their database of candidates in that specialty is limited. A limited database means that your job will not be seen by the top talent in that specialty—and that’s a problem! 

This is why it’s so important to work with a recruitment firm like myDermRecruiter, which specializes only in the field of Dermatology and has a presence nationwide. We have nearly every practicing Dermatologists’ personal email and/or phone number in our database. Therefore, your opportunity will be communicated and discussed with top talent in Dermatology the same day we take on your search. This saves you time and money and gets you quicker results! 

Secondly, share the true culture of your practice with your recruitment partner.  We want to match a physician with your practice who not only fits the skill set you are seeking, but also brilliantly complements the culture you have built and want to grow! Spending a little extra time defining your practice’s identity can ensure that your investment in the placement process lasts for years to come! 

Thirdly, be responsive.  Make it a rule within your practice that once a candidate is formally submitted to your firm for review from your recruitment partner, a representative from your practice will always reach out to that candidate within 48 hours. This ensures the candidate will remain excited about the opportunity your recruitment partner has presented, and feels that your practice has a seamless, high-quality recruitment process in place. 

Candidates should feel “courted” by a practice, and responsiveness is key throughout the entire process. Never leave the candidate or your recruiter wondering if you are still interested or not. This can result in a talented candidate being quickly “courted” by an aggressive practice that showers them with attention and presents them with the data needed to influence their decision about where they want to work.  

myDermRecruiter is the #1 Dermatology Recruitment Firm in the nation.  Whether you are seeking a dermatology career or looking to recruit a talented provider for your practice, we can help!

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