Avoid Common Candidate Communication Problems

Feb 15, 2019 | For Candidates

Poor communication is not the first impression any of us want to make. However, it happens often in the job search process, and both candidates and clients are guilty of such errors. As a candidate, we’ve compiled a few suggestions for you to practice error free communication during your interview process!

Check your OUTBOUND Voicemail Message on your Phone!  

This is a big one.   How does your voicemail sound when a potential employer calls you to leave a message. “Yo, this is Mikey, leave a message”, is likely not your recorded voicemail message, however, we have heard lots of outgoing messages in our day that similarly do not reflect the professionalism expected from a provider.  Be sure your outgoing message is clear, states your name and is concise- professional.

Check the Email you utilize on your CV daily! 

We have seen so many candidates utilize a “not used that often” email address on their CV, then miss important communications from us or a potential employer because they simply forget to check “that email”. In addition, its clearly not ideal to utilize an email address such as “”- surely this should go without saying (typing), however, as recruiters, we see this error way too often.

Identify yourself clearly when texting anyone!

If an employer or recruiter has asked you to text or email in response to an inquiry, please be sure when texting for the first time, that you clearly identify yourself with a “Sincerely, Your Name” at the end of your text. Obviously due to the casual nature of texting as this is not something you will continue, but is a must on that 1st text communication.

Check your voicemail!

Yes, we realize that this again should be a no-brainer, but simply dialing a ‘call-back’ number and asking, “Who is this?” is not acceptable (we think EVER), especially during a job search. You are busy. Managers and recruiters are busy. Voicemail is an essential tool which should be utilized often throughout the communication process of your job search. Specifics regarding availability and meeting times are often left via voicemail and asked to be confirmed in a timely manner.

Communicate with your Recruiter throughout the process!

Yes, this is a selfish request on our part, however, whether you like, dislike, love, hate, take or turn down a job, our job is to wrap it up professionally for both parties. Your specialty is a SMALL WORLD. Don’t leave a hiring manager or your recruiter in the dark and just stop all communication when you have been involved in an interview process. Take 3 minutes and write a quick email or text and let your recruiter know that you are no longer interested and we will take care of it for you – professionally, and ensure you keep your stellar reputation in tact.

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CEO, Michelle Sullentrup

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