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Feb 1, 2019 | For Candidates

When it comes to developing your resume, or curriculum vitae, a lot of recruiters will ask you to do it “their way”, because they know what “their clients” like. And guess what–you should listen to them! They deal with their clients ever week, sometimes daily and they know what it takes for a resume or CV to turn in to a face to face interview with their client. Yes, you are qualified, “they” should recognize that immediately from your CV, but “they” don’t, so allow your recruiter to assist you in getting in the door!

What should be included on your CV or resume? We recruit mostly physicians, so this article is pointed at them specifically.

Complete Contact Information!

Name, Phone Number, Email (the one you actually look at daily), and your Title and/or Degree. (MD, DO, etc)

Do not include your social security number or birth date on any part of your CV!

This is the age of identity theft, so please stop doing this! (We see this at least 3x a week! )


No one cares. Sorry, its harsh, but it’s true. Skip it.


This is the part that requires 100% truth and accuracy. The quickest way to get chucked from the job you just landed is to lie about your degree or education in any way. Be completely transparent here. Use dates and be specific.

Academic Honors:

Ensure you list anything that can and will be verified by interviewers and credentialers as part of your academic record.

Board Certifications, Licenses and Specialties:

Again, accuracy and honesty are key. Provide all of the information, period. Let’s make sure this perfectly matches what it states on your certificates and licenses. Use dates! Which state licenses are active, which are not?

Internships, Residencies and Fellowships: List every institution, date and specialty. Include leadership positions.

Volunteer Experience:

Let’s keep it to 3-5 bullets.

Clinical Experience:

This is by far most important. In order from most recent to least recent, include very specific information regarding the clinic or practice you worked at, what your title was, the EXACT dates you worked there and what your accomplisments and responsibilities were while there. This is an area that physicians are particularly lazy in. They figure, well, I’m a doctor, they know what I did! NOT TRUE. Were you a leader or a follower? Did you supervise other providers? Did you weigh in on decisions regarding the practice? These are important features that are regularly left off of physician CVs. It’s true that in most cases, if you have the degree and have done the job before, you are qualified. However, practices and managers interview you in person for a reason. At that point, they’ve seen your paperwork, now they want to know what kind of person you are. Are you the leader they need to fill a legacy spot for a community loved provider that is retiring? Are you the go-getter they need to build up this practice and provide the community with an excellent representation of their name? See- it matters!

Professional Memberships, Awards and Honors: Be sure that you are including all RELEVANT societies and organizations that you are a part of. Include any of your professional recognitions that can be verified.


Don’t include specific information on your CV or Resume. Provide these upon request, especially if your search is confidential.

We hope this helps you get started and removes some of the pitfalls we see daily.

Of course, we are here to help job seekers free of charge with one-on-one consultations regarding their job search in the fields of dermatology, psychiatry and urgent care. Contact us today at 636.239.1787 to learn more! myDermRecruiter, myMDRecruiter and myPsychRecruiter are ready to assist you. Whether you are seeking your next career opportunity or need to recruit a provider to your practice, we can help!

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Michelle Sullentrup

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