Are You Ready For a Phone Interview?

Jan 10, 2019 | For Candidates

You’ve found an opportunity that interests you, and have been asked by your recruiter to conduct a phone interview with the hiring manager or physician leader at a practice. Are you ready?

Prepare for a Phone Interview the same as you would an In-Person interview. Research the practice via the web and know who the key players involved are before the call takes place. How do you come across on the phone? Are you a good listener? Do you convey interest or excitement easily? It may be beneficial to practice with a spouse, friend or your recruiter so that they can provide you with constructive criticism.

Take Notes! During the Call the hiring manager and other physicians involved in the practice will likely share a lot of beneficial information with you, and it may be difficult to remember everything you discuss—so be sure to take notes! You did this in medical school, right?

Ask Questions and give Honest Feedback! When a hiring manager asks you if you have any questions, it’s important to show interest and appreciation for the call, by actually having questions prepared.

Here’s a few we like:

  • What are the main reasons you are recruiting at this time?
  • What do you think it takes to be successful in your practice?
  • When would be a good time for me to make an in-person visit with you to learn more about the opportunity and practice?

When you don’t ask questions, you seem disinterested. The hiring manager wants to gauge your interest level at the end of the call, so be honest! If it seems like a solid opportunity, ask for a site visit as soon as you are able! If not, let them know you are in the process of conducting several phone interviews and you would love to get back with them once you have narrowed down your list of opportunities available. It’s not rude to do so, they know you are interviewing at multiple practices!

Do not burn bridges! You never know the future, and we are in a smaller world every day in the specialty of Dermatology. Always be polite, thank the interviewers and let them know you appreciate their time and efforts in making the phone interview happen!

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