An Interview With Our CEO

Jan 2, 2019 | For Candidates, For Employers, News & Events

Why is myDermRecruiter different than other Recruitment Firms?

First of all we specialize in Dermatology Recruitment 100% of the time. So that means 100% of our investments of time, money and resources is dedicated to the specialty of dermatology. It truly allows us to be experts who are fully immersed in the specialty every day. That dedication allows us to have a unique perspective of understanding the culture and business of dermatology. We have a full understanding of the pains of dermatology groups who are trying to build their teams through recruitment of quality dermatology physicians and dermatology experienced mid-level providers. We know as well as they do that the market is tight and skilled dermatologists have their pick of opportunities available nationwide. Practices have to position themselves with a recruitment partner that knows their specialty as well as they do.

What if a practice is in a rural or less desirable area? Can you still help them?

Absolutely. If a group is not in what is typically considered a “highly desirable” area, their task of recruitment is even harder. There are many examples we can provide of a so-called “hard to fill search” that we are able to fill in record time because of the robust data and volume of candidate information that we have.

We really get to know the medical providers we work with and ensure we speak to them directly about every position regardless of location that we feel is the best professional, personal and culture fit for them based on our talks, and often times that ends up with us placing them in a city or state that was not on their initial list of preferences. Because we have the time and resources to dedicate to not only screening candidates but getting to know their personalities, priorities and serving as expert consultants to them, they trust our judgement and will often consider opportunities with us that they would not have considered on their own. We can tell a candidate specifics about the culture and benefits of a client and their opportunity that can only scarcely be described in a job board posting.  That’s the magic of what we can do, because of the time we take to get to know our clients and candidates fully.

We also understand that many candidates are overwhelmed at the options available to them nationwide. Because we are so entrenched in the specialty of dermatology and have such a robust database and network of dermatology physicians, we are able to uncover candidates that would not be reached by typical job boards and posts that we see many of our clients utilizing.

Our favorite saying at myDermRecruiter is “Stop paying for job boards and start paying for results!”

What would you say to a practice that is considering your services but doesn’t think they can afford your fees? 

I would first ask the question, “What is it costing your practice in revenue by not hiring that physician today?” We can provide our clients specialized recruitment services with no upfront fees of any kind- we are only paid upon our success of placing a qualified physician or mid level provider with their practice. The return on invest is a no-brainer. In most cases it’s a 2500%+ ROI in a year! In addition we offer a replacement guarantee for any candidate that simply doesn’t work out for one reason or another.

Are there any fees that a job seeker has to pay to utilize your services?

No, we never charge a fee to job seekers. We are compensated by our clients to partner with them to find top talent for their practices. Whether you are a resident or an experienced physician, we can help you find your perfect career match at no charge. We are organically aligned with the candidates we partner with on their job search to find a position that they are excited to accept. This makes us picky about who we will work with as well; we only want to work with groups who treat our candidates extremely well.  Our robust database and commitment to the specialty allows us to speak to top dermatology talent daily and match them to opportunities that meet their personal and professional needs. Whenever we are able to provide a win/win scenario for both our candidate and client, that is the best feeling in the world. Our clients and candidates immediately recognize a difference when they begin their first interaction with us and we always strive to stand out in the crowd through our professional standards, ethics and passion for what we do.

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