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We are experts in dermatology, not just recruitment


Unlike other agencies, we focus 100% of our recruitment efforts in the field of Dermatology. Our clients regularly express how grateful they are that "we get it". We know the trends in Dermatology, we know what is competitive and we help manage the recruitment process with you step by step!
  • We enjoy working with MyDermRecruiter because they understand dermatologists very well. Over time they have earned our trust, and consequently when they call to discuss a candidate they have our undivided attention. Additionally, because they know the dermatology market very well they can guide candidates through the process in a helpful way"


CEO, Epiphany Dermatology


We are consultants, not a hiring entity.

Hiring managers simply aren’t able to have the same transparent discussions we can with a candidate. Throughout our screening process, our frank, straight-forward communication with candidates allows us to find out what drives them personally and professionally so we can confidently determine if they are the best match for a client’s opening, culture and mission.

Ready to begin your job search?

We are actively representing Dermatology positions nationwide, and we add new opportunities almost daily! Our services are absolutely FREE to medical providers conducting a Job Search. Our fees are paid by our valued clients and they expect us to get to know you well before presenting your candidacy to their opportunity.
  • My Derm Recruiter has been a valued partner for our network over the past year. Their industry knowledge is unparalleled, and the strategic thought leadership they provide to our team on provider recruitment efforts has been an asset to our organization. Their reputation in the market enables a strong provider reach and deep pipeline that translates into qualified candidates for our system's consideration."


CEO, Pinnacle Dermatology